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20 June 2008

Fred Phelps 5 Top Reasons Tim Russert is in Hell (video)

This is what we call insane!
Do you think as children they may have eaten lead paint?
The paint chips off the walls or something?

this is a nice link to follow Tim Russert Funeral (Net Pulse News).


Cally said...

They ate something, possibly dead rodent or rats.

Miss Vicki said...

someone from their website is visiting my page from GodHateFags.com' hope the bastards choke and die by tonite.

Queers United said...

vicki when i posted about GHF they put me on their news feed so perhaps they listed you on their news feed and that is why you are getting hits from them. When I posted about the counter protest they wrote on their news feed "fag blog talks about WBC" lol they gave me quite a number of hits. thanks freddy!

Miss Vicki said...

Fantastic I hope I'm on their news feed...God sent to me save them...so we might as well get down to business.

I'm going to look up the Obit's find out whose dead here in Cinti invite them to a funeral of a person that loved gay people

Come on down to the price is right cause we got something here for ya!

Queers United said...

you should protest outside their compound with a sign that says if you dont believe god is a dyke you will burn in hell lol

Miss Vicki said...

lol...and can we get you to carry a sign that says, "And Jesus was Gay!"

maybe they would have heartattacks and just die....im up for the challenge

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I wanna come. :)

Miss Vicki said...

come one come all the more the merrier! what sign will you be wearing...lol

JanieBelle said...

Lead paint chips would certainly explain a lot...

My sign will say "Phuck Off Phreaky Phred".

I guess I'm not feeling very clever at the moment, just annoyed. (That may be just a side effect of not being able to go to TAM.)


Miss Vicki said...

hey Janiebelle!

lol...i do declare that was clever enough phuck you phreaky phred!