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21 June 2008

New York Juvenile Prison System Passes New Pro Transgender/Gay Polices

This is a major break through, which hopefully will lead to many changes, that are also needed within the adult penal system, as it pertains to housing the Transgender population and their treatment, during incarceration --- It's simply adhering to their basic civil rights.

Three very important rulings were established - Transgender youth will now be addressed by the name of their choice, they are afforded the opportunity to select which uniform they will wear and they can request special housing.

Yes, Kudos! for this new anti-discrimination policy.

To find out more about the particulars, etc. Continue reading ABC News.


Queers United said...

lots of trans friendly decisions this week, great news

Miss Vicki said...

they certainly won a lot of rights - the use of makeup separate showering, etc. this is foreal really great!