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22 June 2008

IN THE LIFE a Conversation With Judy Shepard

IN THE LIFE host Michael Billy talks with Judy Shepard, ten years after her son Matthew was brutally murdered in Laramie, Wyoming. Since then, she has become a champion for education, social justice and pride.


Judy Shepard has spoken to over one million students, since her son's death. She narrates the one thing which keeps her going are the children whose parents aren't supportive, those who are rejected.

Yet there is one story in particular that stands out for Mrs. Shepard.

A 16 year old boy informed his mother one morning on the way to school, that he was gay. He felt this would be the best time, she was driving and they had an audience. Sadly, homophobia and hatred still prevailed. The young man's mother pulled the car over and put him out. Making sure that he understood, that she never wanted to see him again. (doesn't this sound horrid!)


Judy speaks on Oklahoma Lawmaker Sally Kern, hate crime and the Bush Administration. She also wonders where the community responsibility as a whole was when it came to Lawrence King and his convicted accuser. How the school's involvement has a stake in teaching against homophobia and any hatred due to 'difference'.

you can view these short segments at In The LIFE TV.


Queers United said...

i love itfl

Miss Vicki said...

i have an uncle who is seriously losing his mind because his son is gay, he is just not gay he is transgender, i wonder what my favorite uncle is going to do when his 19 yr announces it.

i knew, we knew by the time that child was 8 and 9 yrs. old it was something much more deeper than he was gay going on.

my uncle said he would rather have his son in prison than be gay.

I said you have got to be kidding me right? he wasn't.

I told him I would rather see you with a working brain - do you think that might happen?

cally said...

He has a strong mother.