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17 June 2008

Grandma Jailed Over Beating Teen In Lesbian Clinch

(Reading, Pennsylvania) A 61-year old Reading woman is in jail awaiting trial for allegedly beating her granddaughter with a cane and a belt after finding the teen in bed with another girl.

Joyce Y. Beddell is charged with aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

She is being held in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Police said that Beddell discovered her granddaughter in bed having sex with a neighborhood teen girl.

The neighboring teen ran when Beddell entered the room, according to police, and escaped the elder woman's wrath.

The granddaughter was not so lucky. Beddell allegedly took a cane and then a belt to the 16 year old. She then forcibly took the girl from the house.

Neighbors saw Beddell taking the limping granddaughter to the other girl's home where she informed that girl's parent of the affair.

Police say Beddell then took the 16-year home where she proceeded to beat her again.

The 16-year old suffered serious bruises to her buttocks and legs.

Police were called to the house to investigate a report of child abuse. It is not clear who filed the abuse report.

The teen is being treated in hospital for unspecified injuries the Reading Eagle reported.

Beddell told police that she had done nothing wrong, the paper reported, and said she should be allowed to discipline her granddaughter as she sees fit.


Queers United said...

oh my god that is horrible, what is wrong with our world vicki?

Miss Vicki said...

what's wrong with people outside of crazy? grandma better be glad she has a really good granddaughter, cause the wrong 16yr old girl would have beat the old hateful broad down...bitch!

Anonymous said...

Ah, this makes me angry. And sad. And...well, a lot of things. Why is our society so fucked up? (Not that I actually expect you to answer that...)

JanieBelle said...

How sad. I can't even get past sad to get to angry.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, Jesus please us!

I hope hope HOPE that the girl's mother is way more supportive, and that she NEVER sees that bitch of a grandmother again! EVER!

I hope she's getting beaten in prison.

Miss Vicki said...

Dang Crackerlilo I felt so badly posting old broad bitch for everyone to read but it pisses me off when children are abused, it really gets my goat, but you want her ass whupped and beaten in prison- lol!!! You've got me screaming in here.

And Janiebelle, you have a heart of gold, when a person is so sad they can't get angry - too sweet.

Me and Crackerlilo though we've got enough anger for you - I would like to smash that ol bitches brains in - beating on a young woman - a young woman - that's domestic violence, though they call it what they want

Kristine said...

Well, I am angry! If that woman hates gays, then I hope she has a chance to enjoy prison.

Who beats a 16-year-old (or a kid at any age) with a cane and a belt? And for something like that?

I hope they throw the entire law library at her!

Miss Vicki said...

God probably told her to do it...huh!
That's always their reason an excuse.
I hear they have a great law library in prison.

Renee said...

Grandma is a woman of her times. Many seniors still believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the child because that is how they were raised and that is how they raised their children. I am not in any way excusing her behavior, I am putting it into context.
Though this is terrible no one should advocate her receiving the same sort of treatment in prison. This is how the cycle of violence continues.

Miss Vicki said...

I say beat the shit out of the old bitch, this is how the abuser starts to rethink should I or shouldn't I.

It's amazing how that black Bible has taught a person who has been abused that They must be the better of the two.

JanieBelle said...

Dear Miss Vicki,

You are cordially invited to a Troll Roast at JanieBelle's!

Please feel free to come and go at your leisure, hors d'Ĺ“uvre being served as we speak.