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10 June 2008

Homosexuality is a burden from God people must accept it

Ok we definitely need to give Catholic Lena Wojdan, a Warsaw based psychologist the idiot of the year award. She's a teacher and a doctor of science of the mind who is believing crap like this. I wouldn't call her a healer.

This is a very dangerous woman, Wojdan will have a patient on the brink of suicide standing out on the ledge.
They [homosexuals] need to accept that God created them as they are. This is something that they have been given to bear as a burden said Wojdan, sporting a large crucifix around her neck. The goal isn’t to change the patient, to shift their orientations, but rather to prepare them to accept their leanings.

"This is a kind of suffering which has meaning for Christians, a suffering that they have to face each day," Wojdan added.
This woman is crazy and the doctor in her is the nut!

You can keep reading at "I guess they will let anyone practice medicine, huh?"


Queers United said...

gay people in accepted communities dont appear to be suffering, they are having a heck of a time

Miss Vicki said...

i couldn't waste my time reasoning with an insane person - religion as they once said, has driven her crazy.

Steven Bently said...

Just another typical selfrighteous fundy IDIOT! sigh!

Miss Vicki said...

what do they say, 'elevators don't go to the top?'

buy essays online said...

I'm not a homophobic, I could tell you for sure. But anyway, I don't think that it is NORMAL. IMAO