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10 June 2008

Congratulations to Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Number 600

That's our Cincinnati Reds Homeboy -- betcha won't find any steroids in him!
It's time to give credit where credit is due. Despite years of injuries and lots of home runs in recent years, Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest home run hitters of all-time. This milestone took longer than anyone expected, but he's at 600 with Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, and Sosa. It's an exclusive club, and it's one Junior belongs to.

I Love You Ken Griffey!!! Yes We Do!!!


Cally said...

Can you say, "hot" ?

Congratulations to K. Griffey!!

That was a great swing.

Miss Vicki said...

last year I got to sit on the field and root Ken Griffey on it was awesome!

he kept flashing me those big pearly whites when I would stand up with my arms erected straight up in the air and holler "We Love You Ken Griffey Bring This Puppy Home!"

He was hitting that ball hard for me too - he was enjoying it - i was enjoying it - and the 20 preschool children were rocking the house off of it - we all sat on the field - and their school's name kept flashing across the board

memories i will never forget!

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