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10 June 2008

The LA Lesbian Girls - Gimme Sugar

So did anyone get to watch the season premiere of it?

Five hot young friends on the L.A. lesbian club scene bite off more than they can chew when they try to launch and promote their own club night. If they succeed, they'll be the youngest female promoters in LA. The girls will fight, fall in love, break apart, and come back together as they struggle to make their dream come true in this hot new reality series.
I think I'll try this program out, I haven't been happy with Logo lately, I haven't been happy with television to be quite frank....same ol' thing even on the premium channels.
Logo watch Gimme Sugar trailers/videos.


Cally said...

Sorry Miss Vicki I missed it too.

Miss Vicki said...

i'm sure we can catch it again - replay.

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As I know, the main cast members are Charlene Borja, Bathilda Hsu, Davonee Sou, and Alex Thomopoulos. Alex is the only bisexual woman out of the five.

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