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10 June 2008

How about some Bird Poop on your face

Well, don't judge it's been said to be the next best thing to what?

First thing comes to my mind is congesting poison and dying. I remember after sitting in the hair salon for 6 hours on a Saturday, age 5 I walked straight out the door and a bird flew over and pooped in my hair. That, Bird Poop was cold running through my scalp. I told my grandma and these were her words, "Baby honey - that's good luck!" And grandma meant it. So whenever a bird poops on my car close enough - I'll take it as good luck, but a bird poop facial - somebody got to be crazy!! Porcelain skin my duck!

Now, the "Geisha Facial" will only cost you $216, The poop contains a compound called guanine, which is said to remove pollutants from the skin, to clear pores, and to even out skin tone. Probably due to the 'nightingale droppings' huh?

LoL...if you wanna find out more on how to get poop on your face click her right here

Shizuka New York Day Spa in NYC.


Queers United said...

Leave it to my city to come up with such wacky ideas.

Miss Vicki said...

What's wrong with you New Yorkers, have you had your poop facial today? LOL...it's allegedly good for the environment though - I'll pass.

Ceara said...

No bird poo facial here thank you very little. Even if I wanted one I'd just run out to the nearest chicken farm and grab a handful for free.

Gives a whole new meaning to shit faced.


Miss Vicki said...

You got me screaming in here girl, I know you can hear me....lol..I'm howling

CrackerLilo said...

All I can think is how much fun it must be for the facialists to spread that poop onto the faces of obnoxious rich women.

They're doing this because trying to convince NYC socialites to let them stick a ShopVac in their purse and keep on sucking 'till all they get is lint seemed too obvious. :-)

Miss Vicki said...

Good idea! Let me go find my arch enemy give the true treatment of my love - shit in your face!

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I think rice bran is sometimes added to the guano for the purpose of exfoliation. The powder is mixed with water yielding a paste. The paste is massaged into the skin for a few minutes and then it is rinsed off

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no no , and AGIAN NO!! I just hate it, don't know why but I'm afraid of birds. weird, I know l)