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09 June 2008

This Coffee Test Wasn't a Lie

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

I needed some inspiration today so I headed over to Dharma's Blog to see what was happening.

I found this take the Caffeine Click Test. Why Not? I just finished my 4th back to back cup of coffee, and baby I'm feeling it. I feel rather out of sorts today and somewhat tired. It's like the calm before the storm type of thing - I guess? No, it's more like, 'and this too shall pass'. Then, when it's all over with, you'll be the victor from the growth and wisdom of this trial.

Oh Geezle, I feel like telling my damn self to shut up so I will...lol.

I'm getting ready to go fix myself my 5th cup of NESCAFE' CLASICO, the jar is so well designed and packaged, looks very expensive and makes the ingredients appear mouth watering. Like you must have a one thousand dollar coffee maker to brew it up!

It was $5.00 and it's instant...lol!


Anonymous said...

I got "chipper and perky" which I'm inclined to disagree with as I just sat through a 3 hour class and feel as if I might pass out. Share the love...er, the coffee. :)

Miss Vicki said...

LOL! I'm glad that both of our Monday's has improved. I feel like a breadth of fresh air, and this to did pass....YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Oh this test was fun. I got "Insanely High- A vibrating crackhead" Mind you me levels of hyperness are pretty high normally, but add about 3-4 cups of coffee a day and I'm bouncing off the walls!

Miss Vicki said...

LOL! bounce on sister.

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LOL))) that's right - just bounce her and all. what else you need to do??