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08 June 2008

Egypt's parliament bans Female Genital Mutilation

originally posted at Coffee Stained News.

This is really wonderful news...

And, marriage has been banned for both male and females under the age of 18! if anyone chooses to still uphold these barbaric practices, there are penalties to be paid.

This is due to the 'Child's Rights Bill,' female circumcision is only feasible in cases of 'medical necessity'. I wonder what kinds of medical necessities would that be?
Cairo - The Egyptian parliament has passed new laws banning female circumcision and setting 18 as the minimum age for marriage for both genders, local media said on Sunday.

The new legislation, passed on Saturday, imposes a jail penalty of three months to two years or a fine of 190 to 940 dollars on any one practicing female circumcision, the official al-Ahram newspaper said.
Read:Egypt's parliament bans female circumcision, marriage under 18.
Court rules on female circumcision.

compliments to Religion Clause, thanks!

{I love my sisters and our children, all across the globe!}


Queers United said...

Good news! I wish the U.N. would make the whole world ban these sick practices.

Sidenote: There weren't any Dykes on Bikes or Dykes on Bike Cycles, I was dissapointed lol.

Miss Vicki said...

OH Drats - No Dykes on the Bikes!!!

I'm really trying to figure out though what would be a medical necessity or emergency for female genital mutilation???

Ceara said...

That's fantastic news!!! Does a little dance for the fear lifted off the shoulders of a million women.

Miss Vicki said...

it certainly does!

quality writing services said...

I think the ritual of FGM has been the primary context in some communities in which the women come together. Because they see it as a way of elevating themselves from girlhood to womanhood, and thereby a way of differentiating between each other