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07 June 2008

Pink is My Favorite Colour

I mean what do you want me to say? This is a winner and a must have!

It matches my digital camera in exact color any my cell phone. Oh Wow...it even matches my nails, that's fingers and toes. Let's see what else do I have pink or rather what can I think of that isn't.

Don't laugh at me I hear you laughing, I'm not the only one that thinks this is a grand idea. Over at Dykes on Bikes, they're going to be getting one. Granted they'll probably ride theirs, but maybe I will maybe I won't it just all depends if I can find the perfect pink outfit. Do you think pink leather chaps would be a bit too much or not...lol

See this is what happens when it's really time to call it a night and go to bed. I think I might be drunk with sleep I dunno. I just know that this pink vintage Vespar under $2,000 is looking hot I bet it will cost me less to fill her tank than my car.

Whatever I'm going to bed....

Have a Pink Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

I saw a pink vespa like that at a vespa-shop!:P

Miss Vicki said...

I think this is sweet makes you rethink do I really want to spend gas money for a car.

Queers United said...

Yay I get to see Dykes on Bikes tomorrow I am excited. Although Dykes on Bike Cycles are my fav since they are eco-friendly.

Miss Vicki said...

Have a Fun Day!!

Sh@ney said...

I have a scooter...notably it is not pink, rather silver. It is still being stored at my old residence until I can get it moved over here. It died from lack of rdiing...LOL But they are so economical and fun to ride.
Go Pink! if it is your colour! *winks*

P.s Miss Vicki if your interested , my 'Plant your Kiss' segment I do on my blog is all girl singers this week. :P

Miss Vicki said...

Okay, silver is my choice for jewelry I hate gold, and silver jewelry is one of my addictions.

I luv pink so much a friend couldn't figure out what to get me for a B'day present, she told me that she almost bought me a bottle of Pepto Bismal - she said, "Hell it's Pink!"

ILUV that title, 'Plant your Kiss' I will check it out!


Queers United said...

thanks Vicki, I don't know if the pride parade im attending today has Dykes on Bike Cycles but I sure hope they do. =)

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