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12 June 2008

Queen Latifah will marry her longterm partner Jeannette Jenkins

Well you go head on Miss Thang!

"This week’s National Enquirer states that Queen Latifah plans to marry her partner of five years, personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins, after the groundbreaking ruling in California that legalized same-sex marriages. Latifah has been notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship with Jenkins, and told Ebony Magazine that she was not going to comment on the rumor that Jenkins was her girlfriend. She didn’t deny it, she just got annoyed that someone even asked her the question:"

Anyone who seen the movie "Set it Off" shouldn't really be shocked that the Queen is a lesbian - Oh No! not the way she was rubbing on.... honey that wasn't no make believe... or acting.

I am so happy for her and I wish that the wedding could be televised bring us some sparkle in our day.

Congratulations! To the Queen and Jeannette.


Queers United said...

her partner is very pretty

Miss Vicki said...

they look beau-tiFUL! i'm so happy for lesbians of color, this provides images of us - about marriage, which is always good to see.

Cally said...

Way to go...best wishes to them both!

p.s. I saw Set it Off, no doubt.

Ceara said...

I knew it!! Tight lipped my boonda. She just knew what a tounge lashing meant.
I've told Cara that the Queen is a lesbian. She said no way.
ohhh weee...Good for the Queen and her partner.


Miss Vicki said...

I always thunk it but when Set It Off was released -- oh yeeaaahhhh! Wasn't no hiding it.

Luv her, great strength.

Zee Harrison said...

I think it indicates the problems that the black LGBT community has in coming out. How awful for her that she cannot live her life free of all the dogmatic BS - all that ducking and diving cannot be healthy for anyone.
Let's hope that more people put away the books that teach us to discriminate 'in the name of god'.

Great blog, Madame!

Miss Vicki said...

Hey Lady!

I think it's an indicator, as a whole, how any person of any nationality has a fear of coming out due to the repercussions.

'On The Down Low' is as equivalent to me as, 'In The Closet.' White congregations and pastors hate LGBT just as equally as you will find in the Black Churches.

The microscope somehow always dissects us. I'm not one who buys into - "Everything from the most broken toes (so-to-speak) is more prevalent in the Black Community than any where else.

I'm not getting ready to let America box me into that syndrome.

Thank you for the compliment, it's been a long time since someone referred to me as Madame...lol...sweet endearing respectful.

See Ya at The Top or the next time one of us visits.

Peace & Love, My Sister.