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19 June 2008

Should Gays and Lesbians Burn in Hell (poll)

Look at this poll I discovered....lol!
I mean you have to laugh at the ignorance!

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You are seeing that both answers are Yes and more Yes.

My comment left was this - Only if we get to take straight heterosexual Holier Than Thou assholes with us - then, Yes Burn Baby Burn!


Cally said...

It's so pathetically sad one must laugh, they are really stupid.

Maybe they put up this poll to really see what type of nutcases would respond.

Ok I'm grasping at straws, they just wanted some attention.

Sh@ney said...

I bet some 17 year old pimple faced, podgy kid who cant get laid put this poll up. Maybe he got tired of masturbating on Friday nights!

Miss Vicki said...

LOL! He was probably jerking off when he put it up...hehehehe

Queers United said...

yes and he prob was jerking off to gay porn but classifies as an ex-gay

Miss Vicki said...

lol...yeah exgay...aren't they always.