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19 June 2008

Fred Phelps Protestors at Tim Russert's Funeral

They just keep showing up at the wrong funerals! Believe me they wouldn't want to show up at a funeral that me nor my family members are attending. Uh Uh...and we're trying to get someone buried placed in a grave, they would get a beat down, I'm not lying.

At Tim Russert's Kennedy Center memorial, members of the Westboro Baptist Church picketed and held placards cursing the beloved Meet the Press host for his Catholicism and tolerance of homosexuality.

Something tells me that today, as hundreds weep not two hundred yards from my office, is not the day to say something nice about the most reviled family in America. But when is the day? ---LOL do you think??

The kindest thing one can say about the Phelps clan (the Church consists primarily of one family) is that they are not exactly what they seem. Commonly thought to be an extreme branch of the Religious Right, they in fact profoundly loathe the figures most identified with religious conservatism. ---Wow that they appear lifelike and human so this author is what confirming our back in the mind thoughts -- they are monsters and demons -- possibly aliens? Sorry aliens I didn't mean to disrespect you like that!

Why, then, disturb the peace of Tim Russert, a man privately devout in his practice of a faith not known for its friendliness to gays?

The Phelpses say that Russert failed to use his prominence to fulminate against gays in general, or even ordained gay pedophiles in his own religion. (Guilty as charged, I guess.)

I cannot imagine that Russert would have wanted these crazed First Amendment absolutists at his own memorial service, but as a journalist, he might have bitterly appreciated their right to be there. ---Evidently, this author is on crack and they're drunk!You can finish reading (these were only excerpts) this journalistic winning article...at The Family That Protests Together/The Atlantic.com


Cally said...

I wonder what day these idiots are scheduled to die? The nerve of the original journalist in trying to defend these wackos.

Sh@ney said...

Sick Moron's, that is really all I can think of to say about them.

Miss Vicki said...

i don't do funerals but i think we should all do theirs - picket it i mean...lol

our pickets could read, "Get Up Don't Die We Came Here To Kill Ya!"

those jokers are funny ignorant.

Queers United said...

what morons, nobody takes those fools seriously

Miss Vicki said...

i wonder if they even take their own selves seriously, for some reason drug addicted not in the right state of mind just keeps hovering over me.

Anonymous said...

I have been on the receiving end of something like this from my boyfriends ex-wife and his mother (whom I detest). I've suffered a lot of losses over the past couple of years and every time something happens to my family, these two women take advantage of it and use it to bring me further down than I already am.

When my grandfather died, the ex-wife decided to tell my custodial stepson that "bad things happen to evil people." Nice huh?

Then when my uncle committed suicide, he was kept in the hospital on machines with no chance for recovery. I was on my way to the city where he lived to be with him and my family when they turned off the machines. My mother in law decided to tell my boyfriend that she was not going to watch my stepson while we "go on our honeymoon". We ended up taking my stepson with us while I watched my uncle die and he had to witness all of this when I really didn't want him involved. He was 9 at the time and I didn't think it was appropriate for him to know all the issues involved with how my uncle died and I didn't want him witnessing all the pain and anger we were all feeling.

Then when my baby brother died mysteriously in his sleep, the ex-wife wrote a nice nasty gram on her myspace about how what happened is Karma and contacted my mother through my brothers obituary to tell her that she feels sorry for her because she lost her son because of her daughters witchery.

It sucks to have to deal with the stress of a loss from someone close to you and then to also have to deal with the bad mouthing and bashing from psychotic people with nothing better to do but to try and bring you down while you're already vulnerable simply so they could make themselves feel better about themselves. That's exactly what these idiots are doing. They're taking advantage of the situation when nobody is in the mood to fight back.

Miss Vicki said...

Oh Geesle Pete, I am so sorry that you have these kind of jealous people in your life (inlaws) I use to have some just like that.

They truly like to kick a person when they are down in order for them to rise to the feeling of superiority which they crave.

Just remember you're not married to his mother-in-law and she doesn't have to be in your life. Her son is a grown man not a child, she can just have a relationship with him.

It's so sad so many mothers are like this about their sons - rather sick to me.

She needs to learn to respect you even if she never ever likes you.

Don't give your power to her and don't let her cross your limits nor boundaries.

Good Luck and Blessings Sweet Pea!