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12 April 2007

Imus In The Morning was Put To Bed Last Night

There shouldn't be any doubt, that I am ecstatically happy for the decision made to have Imus In The Morning put to sleep last night. Yep, he was laid down. Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk have been making bigot, racist, sexist & homophobic jokes and comments that truly cross the line for far too long.

Freedom of Speech appears the biggest argument at hand against the firing of Imus.

Many feel Imus' rights were not protected under it. And, that is so wrong. Freedom of Speech granted him, Bernard and any other visiting guest on the panel of let's bash and spew venom, the opportunity & authority too speak such hatred. And, for how many years?

People who exercise their right to say whatever they will based on Freedom of Speech, must remember with this comes Consequences. There are consequences to what one saids or does in this life. No one took away his Freedom of Speech.

Imus' sponsors have a right to choose just whom they place their advertising dollars with. Personally, I do not believe if Imus was yanked off the air for any other reason than for what he said, that it would be a problem or such controversy. Maybe I'm wrong?

The argument "Black Rappers say hos and bitches all the time." And, the black community embraces it. Not!

The focus is concentrated on the African Americans who buy it and promote it. Little attention is paid to those which find it disgusting and reprehensible. Why? It doesn't sell. Unless of course someone like Bill Cosby or Oprah speaks out on it. Then it's presented by the media and news coverage like some kind of 'Breaking News' as if they are going against the grain of mainstream African Americans. And, this is not true.

There are equally as many African Americans who despise and hate the lyrics of black rappers. Not only the words they speak on black women but the many insidious lyrics of killing white cops, often lyrically sang as 'kill them motha f-- po po'.

Just as there are rap artists completely null & void of lyrics degrading any women, not just black women. These rap artists have a message with a meaning, like most songs should and do. But ya see, it's not popular to promote those artists in mainstream entertainment news and coverage.
In 2005, Essence Magazine launched a campaign Take Back The Music.

We at ESSENCE have become increasingly concerned about the degrading ways in which Black women are portrayed and spoken about in popular media, particularly in popular urban music and music videos. Aware that these images may be having a negative impact on our children, we realized that, as Black women, it was up to us to take a stand

In 2006 Black Bloggers began blogging and campaigning against rap artists.

Rosie O'Donnell keeps saying 'Why Now?' Her irritation seems to derive from nobody said one word of firing anyone when I was called fat dyke & what not. And, that Imus has degraded many people, but now we get to the Rutgers Team basically comprised of African Americans and he gets axed. That's her Why Now and it's my Why Not?

Joy Behar, God bless her soul has been thinking which her thinking has made her express this thought for the past several days. The reason she believes that the African American community are in such an outrage is 'We are feeling empowered and have greater strength because 'now that Obama is running for president.'

You know if that is truly the very reason she believes this then I strongly suggest that Joy just quit thinking. Just as every African American doesn't support and doesn't like rap music, every white person is not a racist or bigot. Racism is apparent and very much alive in all cultures and communities. There is no race who doesn't have racist members. Yet, if ever you're looking for the worst in anything, believe me it not hard to find it.

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