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30 April 2007

No More Jane Doe The Fight Against Rape

Donna Palomba formerly called herself 'Jane Doe'. Why? Because in the very home that she, her husband and children resided in is where she was raped. Donna was not only raped by an attacker, but when her local police department intervened, she was raped by them.

Check this out! A masked intruder broke into Mrs. Palomba's home. Her five and seven year old children were sound asleep in their bedrooms. Mr. Palomba was away. He had left town to attend a friend's wedding. Donna awoke and found a stranger in their bedroom. He made it very clear as to what he wanted.

A blindfold was placed over her eyes, her hands were tied behind her back and she was threatened with a knife and a gun. She was told if she reported it, then he would come back and kill her.

Before the assailant entered Donna's home he cut the lines to her telephone. Therefore, she fled to a neighbors house to call 911. The report was made and for the next several weeks the police were trying to find just who had done this. Until, they received an anonymous telephone call stating Mrs. Palomba's children had caught her having sex with this alleged perpetrator. This was really a lie and a cover up to an affair, which she had been having.

The next thing Donna knew she was being read her Miranda rights, interrogated and looking at jail time. A raping, all over again. The community in which she and her family had lived for so many years didn't support her. The Palomba's filed a suit against the police officers and the City of Waterbury Connecticut. It took nearly a decade to settle it, but more importantly to receive justice. She was awarded $190,000 in damages.

Yet, while the police department overlooked the true crime of what took place her rapist was out stalking and raping other women & attempting to rape young girls. The perpetrator was not only considered an upstanding citizen within their community, but he was a good friend since childhood to her husband.

During those years, stories were reported in the local newspaper. Donna was referred to as 'Jane Doe'. But, she's not a Jane Doe any more. As a matter of fact, Donna Palomba is the Founder of Jane Doe No More Incorporated.

The Mission
"The Jane Doe No More initiative will create awareness about the crime of sexual assault to ensure proper treatment of the victim. We will dispel myths and break stigmas associated with this violent crime. We will provide education and training tools for use by law enforcement, medical and legal professionals and provide guidance to victims and their families. Each person that interacts with the victim will be better prepared so that no further emotional harm is inflicted and the healing process is allowed to continue. The time from the sexual assault to healing will be shortened, resulting in the best possible chance for a victim's full and healthy recovery."

"The JDNM team is comprised of law enforcement, medical, legal and business executives as well as victims' service professionals. We are dedicated to ensure the proper treatment of victims, which will shorten the time to their healing and allow for the best possible chance of recovery. Learn more about our mission and our team."

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