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23 April 2007

Race for Rights, Activism in the Dustbowl

Every year between 600,000 to 800,000 people, which are mostly comprised of women and children are exploited across national borders. They are forced into labor and/or sexual exploitation. Made to work long and grueling hours with sub-standard pay. Many are sold as sex slaves, abused and raped.

The event Race for Rights was organized by The Vietnamese Students Association (VSA). It was put together to raise money and aid victims of Human Trafficking.

Rev. Peter Nguyen Van Hung, executive director of the Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides office in Taiwan and founding member of the grassroots organization, VietACT (Vietnamese Alliance to Combat Trafficking) was the keynote speaker.

Reverend Hung with the help of the Vietnamese Migrant Workers have established shelters and safe havens for the victims. He fights to bring them back to their legal stages.

"The Vietnamese government does not care [about the issue]. We have to raise awareness in Vietnam and in our government. The U.S. has paid attention to the problem รข€¦ but it is still a very big problem," said Hung.

Read, Stop Human Trafficking-Race for Rights-Activism in the Dustbowl.


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