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06 April 2007

Rosie O'Donnell believes 9/ll was an Inside Job

OOPS! She's done it again and this time they are not talking about Britany Spears. Rosie O'Donnell laid it right on The View's table regarding her position on 9/11 and the Bush Administration.

I personally don't know what was more fun, seeing Elizabeth choke and stagger, who is in my opinion, anti woman anti gay or anti anything which makes good common sense. She is such a judgemental young woman. Or, Rosie making Barbara Walters truly regret the day she ousted Star Reynold Jones. It was fabulous television watching.

O'Donnell, basically stated (implied) that 9/11 was an 'inside job'. The World Trade Center was brought down to ruin by the Bush Administration, in order to start a war and to cover up the Enron Scandal. I don't find this hard to believe.

I agree with Rosie, just as the loud applause rang out from the audience -- our government is corrupt. And, it's not like it started with the Bush Administration.

Several years ago and I sure wish I could pinpoint when I watched a 60 Minutes documentary on Skull & Bones, the secret society for some of the elite boys at Yale. I do believe that it was Ed Bradley who brought this to our attention. We know and have to admit they have some mighty strange rituals and quirks going on inside of it. I don't care about your sexual life or lack thereof. If they wanna masturbate while other members watch, then so be it. I don't care if they still sleep in coffins and caskets whatever rocks your boat.

However, the one bit of news that was reported which truly captivated my attention was IF any member should become President, then he is to start a war. Why? To boost the economy. Yeah, go figure that logic. So, between this oath that was taken and the fact Mama Bush and Daddy Bush made little George stay in the house too much. While all the other boys were outside playing they were grooming him to become the next president. And, now he's making up for lost time. He's playing cowboys and indians...with our sons and our daughters. Come on little George the street lights have been on it's time to come in from playing...with our children's lives.

"Major players in Skull & Bones have been linked to the financing of both world wars and the creation of many think-tanks and Universities in this country. Bush's father was a major contributor to the "Hitler Project" as well as the build-up of the Soviet Union. Thus, leading to the inevidable World Wars and the eventual set-up of the United Nations in America," reported by Freedom Domain.

I wonder if Rosie took it too far this time? President Bush will have your hide if you don't agree with him. Programs will get cancelled, just ask Bill Mahler. The only reason Kanye West hasn't lost a program show is because he doesn't have one. But, he best make sure he reports every penny he makes, cause I'm sure Bush's folks is waiting on that.

Do you think Rosie took it too far or as many journalists have said, "She's gone crazy!"


Monitor said...

These "Bonesmen" have been plotting their agenda for many generations . . . this is the same froup which John Quincy Adams pursued; calling them: "Order of Death"

What boogles my mind is why can't anyone who has the ear of the American Citizens to ask: " why doesn't the hole at the Penagon match the purported aircraft size"? Rosie may be a sexual deviant but she donated $300K to the new hospital build in Texas- Putting your money where your mouth is !!!

A $90B defense system does not fail five (5) times, unless of the NSA were conducting "TRIPOD II" program.

Miss Vicki said...

Here Here!! My sentiments exact.

I remember in high school when I was sitting in class and the teacher informed us that we as taxpayers was paying up to $10,000 for 5 bolts and screws for the repair of army jet planes.

I just about choked. Do you remember that? We had a contract with McDougall or McDonald?

anyhoo....Happy Easter My Friend