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06 April 2007

Summer Home Security Tips for the Single Woman

Summertime is finally arriving. And, this is a good time to really stay in tune with your surroundings. Our windows and doors are now beginning to remain open and the children keep running in and out. What about those sliding glass patio doors? Everyone is working outside mowing their yards, planting those flowers and taking special care with the trees, hedges and shrubbery. Yet, how tall are they? High enough to keep those nosey neighbors from peeking in, of course!

This may present a problem. Most criminals pre-select their targets and only break in If they believe they can get away with it. Burglars mark houses, which are easy to get in, without detection and fast to get out of.

Safety For The Single Woman

  1. Put an alarm sticker on your window, even if you don't have one.
  2. Post a "Beware Of Dog" sign, they don't know if Killer Killer is in there with you.
  3. Place a pair of men's work boots by your door. Yeah, "Knock Knock Who's There?" The man with the big size 14 work boots.
  4. And, if you want to go the extra mile, get a big dog bowl and place it by the door.

Outdoor Safety

  1. Trim bushes to waist level, don't hide windows or doors.
  2. Invest in motion detectors, thieves despise lights.
  3. Bury all exposed phone lines, if cut they will disable your alarm.
  4. Glass Sliding Doors/French Doors have special locks, plus put a broomstick inside the track to jam the door.
  5. Don't leave notes posted on doors telling people you are gone and where you're at.
  6. And, never leave ladders in your yard.

Inside Safety

  1. Deadbolt locks are the best, make sure to buy the pick resistant.
  2. Apartment dwellers, don't rely on a chain latch for security only. Open the door only after you know who it is, use the peephole.
  3. Have window locks installed on your windows and use them.
  4. Remember, to lock and secure your garage door.

Please remember that July and August are when the most break ins occur, because everyone is vacationing. Basically, they prefer us not being there. However, let's keep this in mind, burglars will do more than steal, if things don't go according to their plans. They commit rape, assault and sometimes murder.

(I formerly published this at Bellaonline - The Voice of Women, when I was their Crime Editor. I felt compelled to share it with you all. Remember to stay safe, okay!)

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