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07 May 2007

Rush Limbaugh agrees Barack Obama is our Magic Negro

Once again, standing in the need of Viagra just to get it up -n- on Rush Limbaugh has proven to me, that he is the little penis desperately seeking attention. His latest contribution to the world of News and Politics, goes something like this "Barack Obama is the Magic Negro."

It is a parody by Paul Shanklin impersonating Al Sharpton and based on the Peter, Paul, and Mary hit song 'Puff the Magic Dragon'.

It begins like this:

"Barack the Magic Negro lives in DC, the LA Times they call him dat cause he's not authentic like me. Yeah, the guy from the LA paper said he make guilty whites feel good, they'll vote for him and not me, 'cause he's not from the hood.

See real black men like Snoop Dogg or me or Farrakhan have talked the talk and walked the walk not come in late and won. Oh, Barack the Magic Negro lives in DC the LA Times, they call him that 'cause he's black but not authentically. Barack the Magic Negro lives in DC the LA Times they call him dat cause he's black but not authentically.

Some say Barack is articulate and bright and new and clean. The media sho' love this guy a white interlopers dream but when you vote for president Watch Out and don't be fooled Don't Vote the Magic Negro in 'Cause I don't won't have nothing after all these years of sacrifice...."

Paul Shanklin and Rush Limbaugh both are such sad little men. Yet, the only thing I'm wondering is "Do you think Rush decided to grace us with their antics before or after he popped his many doses of Oxycontin?"

you can click on the related article to actually watch the video and laugh at the idiot I'm jealous and very much afraid if an African American becomes President, because what if he does to me all the things we have done to them? 'Cause it ain't no fun when the rabbit has the gun! And, the gun has been pointed at African Americans for a very long time.

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