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05 May 2007

Sally Quinn of the Washington Post asks But Who Is Obama

I came across the most interesting article today as I surfed the Internet. What captivated my attention was the caption, "Do we know who Obama really is?" Sally Quinn who writes for the Washington Post proudly informs us as to how she is from Savannah GA and never in her life seen a man, woman or human being in the light as to whether they were black or white. And this really made Sally feel good about herself.

Quinn was reminded of her color blindness from a prior experience when she and her husband fled to Bahia in northern Brazil after the Nixon Watergate scandal. There Quinn had a stimulating conversation with a Brazilian Professor. The next day when she tried to relate this conversation to their host, well she couldn't remember if the professor was 'black or white.' And, because she couldn't remember, it excited her. No color was found in the eyes, which she was looking out of.

Sally Quinn feels the same way when she looks at Obama. Quinn doesn't see black or white. She doesn't notice what color Obama is. Quinn's words, "I see a really smart, appealing, thoughtful person."

Wow! He's appealing, (so is the Bronze Leaf lip color by Loreal which I'm wearing) he's really smart (my German Shepard, Ruby was smart, too) and last by not least, he's a very thoughtful person. I'm laughing and screaming at that one. My next door neighbors have been very thoughtful, when they shoveled the snow out from my driveway.

Her chosen words for the description of an African American presidential hopeful, that stands a better chance of becoming President, since Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton or Shirley Chilsom blows me away. Especially since, the foremost question put to her while she and her husband toured the world was about Obama. This makes the man of no color to be seen, world renowned.

Now, Sally is adamant that she sees no color but here are a few of the comments made in the article which she wrote, A Welcome Face--And A Question, Obama Needs To Show Who Is On His Team.

"The staff Obama chooses will speak volumes about his judgment of people and what he thinks the job of president entails. They would be the face of an Obama White House. More than any other candidate who has run in a long time, we need that reassurance from him sooner rather than later." I am not saying his capacity to hold the job centers on a selection of well-known Washington operatives.
Then what are you saying? Sally goes on to state, that Hillary Clinton is Obama's biggest rival. And, that she has a well-known team behind her, which of course includes our former president Bill Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal, Terry McAuliffe, Howard Wolfson, Ann Lewis and Harold Ickes.
"You can talk about age or experience or race, but in the end a president is only as good as the people around him or her. A president can't be all things to all people and can't be an expert in everything."

Well, one thing Sally Quinn got right was, "a president can't be all things to all people." Because, the white presidents we've had in the past haven't been all things to all people. They have been all things to our White Society. And, to the working poor whom are white in this society, as of late they have been nothing to them, either. And, those presidential hopefuls who became the elects had the cream that floats on top backing them.

I would love to sit down with Sally Quinn and have a one on one honest shoot straight from the hip conversation with her. Why? I would like to hear the reasoning as to why Obama needs to let us know right now "More than any other candidate who has run in a long time", the assurance of whom is in his camp. More specifically, who Obama is listening too and takes advice from.

It's not Bush and that's the first thing we need to know. And, it's not Clinton, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and who else have I forgotten? Because, if an African American president would have been caught in the Oval Office with his pants down, wrapped around his ankles shooting the star spangle banner into a young White House Intern's mouth we wouldn't be having this conversation. And, if his wife decided to run for the presidential candidacy how far and long do you think that would have lasted. She certainly would not have Americans rallying behind her. An incident like this would have condemned and destroyed us people of color for the next billion years. And ya' know it.

So, Sally sees no color what a farce. Maybe, deep in her heart she feels that she doesn't. However, if this was true more concentration of what she knows about Obama would have been spoken on. The reasons why the citizens of American support him, etc. Instead, "he's appealing really smart and thoughtful."

Well Lady Quinn it's probably more politically correct for me to say, "I'm going to wait and vote for the best man/woman for the job. But, this is America and I don't have too. I will exercise my right--Freedom of Speech. I'm going to vote for Obama. If I have to crawl on my lips and teeth down Highway 275 during rush hour traffic I will be there at the polls when the doors open. My X will mark the spot for Barack Obama. And, I arrived at this decision months ago. He truly can not do me any worst than the past history of white Presidents in this country.

And, prayerfully if our brother and sisters called Haitians show up on his watch they won't be turned away like before. They will be welcomed in like the Mexicans, the Latinos, the Hispanics and any other foreign illegal alien who has the right to march down the streets in protest for a better life, who are offered bank loans, while demanding a better education, arguing about what's the first language, with a call to change the pledge of allegiance to the flag while looking at Me, as if I do not belong here.

I wish I could say, that I was speaking for every African American in this country. Because, this is one thing you can take to the bank, if a Mexican was running for President there would be no discussion in their community "Who Are We Voting For?" They would be voting for the Mexican presidential hopeful and they would make no apologies for it.

Go Obama You Are The Man I'm Voting For!

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