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03 May 2007

Tourist Must Now Obey Iran's Dress Code

Beirut & Tehran - Iran yesterday warned tourists and other foreigners visiting the country to obey its Islamic dress code in line with a nationwide crackdown against slack dressing, the ISNA news agency reported.

They're gearing up for the summer and over 10,000 warnings have been given to women in the past week for not appropriately being attired to that of the Islamic dress code. Women must cover their heads and hide their hips and curves.

Undercover police officers will be out an about looking for any women who are breaking their dress code. This will include members of non-Muslim minorities and all visiting foreigners. Hundreds of women have already been taken into custody, but released.

As reported by Ya Liban they have received pleas for help from the women.

One said: I am an Iranian girl, 23, and am scared to death to go out even for a short walk!Police forces are everywhere to arrest us if only a part of our hair is shown! It seems there is no other crime in the country except our appearance. Why we should not have the right to wear beautiful colored dress? Why should we hide our hair? Why beauty must be considered as a SIN?

Another wrote: Please do something to support us to get us back our freedom. There is no security here for women. Life is hell in Iran for women!

Another lady wrote: Ahmadinejad (the Iranian president) is discriminating against women. We are humans like everyone else and we want to be ourselves, not what he wants us to be. Please help us.

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