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27 April 2008

Buddy G: My Two Mom's and Me

Move over Pippylongstockings - Buddy G is moving in - and Buddy G has 2 mommy's - YaY!

"Buddy G is the starring animated character of the show Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me, an animated cartoon series for children starring a character with same sex parents. As the name suggests, Buddy G has two lesbian moms in the cartoon".

Buddy G is the newest member of COLAGE - the organization is a national movement of children, youth and adults who have one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (LGBTQ) parents.


pippylongstockings said...

Buddy G is adorable and needed.

Miss Vicki said...

Hey Pippylongstockings!

many would be surprised at Spongebob and Patrick, cartoons are much different than what they use to be - back when i was growing up.

Patrick on Spongebob wears fishnet stockings and thigh high boots as he croons a happy note (sing a song).

cartoons address issues of racism, disablism, aids, etc. thank goodness they have come along ways.

thanks for stopping by looking forward to talking with you again!