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26 April 2008

Gay and Lesbian Adults Are Reading And Responding To More Blogs than Heterosexuals

A study conducted online between March 11 and 19, 2008, by Harris Interactive, a global market research and consulting firm, in conjunction with Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc., a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm with special expertise in the GLBT market, has found the following :

Okay, so we like to read Blogs?

Look at the figures reported in the columns of News/current issues and Political, that's a significant difference. What I found really amazing 'no statistics gathered or presented' Heterosexuals aren't reading Lesbian/Gay Blogs - yeah right. Well they're reading mine and others who I know.

They presumably show up to tell me that Hell ward Bound I'm a going. The Christians show up just to tell me that I'm committing blasphemy - you know - the whole 'God is a Dyke' thing, but she is I'm not being offensive...anyways. They always end up hanging around reading/reading/and did I say/reading. Staying and reading purely just to save my soul.

Now these 'Other Online Activities' like Facebook Myspace the respondents were even asked, 'had they ever made a blog comment' - the numbers appear under reported for the Heterosexuals ...hmmm I wonder if somebody is lying?


There were other interesting statistics and data on the habits of the LGBT people, go take a look.

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