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28 May 2008

Big Love and The Polygamist People in it

I'm not a big TV watcher but over the Memorial Day weekend I somehow got hooked on this HBO series called Big Love and for once I'm glad we have this extra accessory called HBO on demand. I'm watching episode after episode. I even cursed them when I went to pick up on episode 9 and the bastards had removed 9 -14, they had expired.

It's a really funny program and I wouldn't know if it's remotely close to portraying the real lives of those who participate in this lifestyle. I do know that one of my favorite characters is a woman named Wanda, she speaks with a country dialect and she poisons all the men that irritate her - that gets under her skin.

And, most often Nicki has been the one that I have wanted to strangle and now I just took a Quiz that tells me I am the most like her - ugh ugh ugh no friggin way.

"YOU'RE A NICKI" - Occasionally self involved and cool, you are completely devoted to your family and mate -- and you know how to get what you want (well all that's true!)

If you wanna take the test or play the Big Love Land -
You've just witnessed your husband fighting with second wife. You might boost your status as third wife when you rush to tell all to first wife. Think again, because second wife is right behind you, listening to all the juiciest parts. Lose 300 Big Love Points, LOL!
Well getting ready to fix me a cup of coffee and if you get bored today or find yourself wishing that you were married to a man and were his first poly wife then just try your luck in Big Love Land to see if you end up the head of the household or the rookie wife.

HBO Big Love.


Cally said...

That is a funny program I to find Nicki really irritating sometimes. She wants to be the first wife so badly she is a rejected soul. I have been thinking that her father raped molested her. {I'm playing catch up on the episodes.} So don't tell me if you know.

Miss Vicki said...

I stayed up much too late watching episodes of season 2 this go round Barb is really irking me. She's always there - always around. Supposedly a sisterwife she's more like an overbearing judging always in your face mother. This program is getting more bizarre or should I say Bill the husband is a bible toting crookster.