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03 June 2008

LGBT Discrimination is Legal in Ohio

YES! LGBT Discrimination is Legal in OHIO!

It is legal to:
  • Fire someone if they are gay lesbian bisexual or transgender
  • Deny them a place to live if they are gay lesbian bisexual or transgender
  • Force them to leave a restaurant if they are gay lesbian bisexual or transgender
Sometimes the discrimination is overt; other times it subtle.

Here in Ohio, it's legal -- even though more than two-thirds of Ohio voters support passage of legislation that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


Today, a bipartisan group of legislators has introduced a bill to ban this type of LGBT legislation. State Senator Ray Miller and State Representatives Jon Peterson and Dan Stewart are optimistic, that Ohio will become the 21st state to update its laws and make our state a place where everyone feels at home.

Now they need YOUR stories to help make their case. Explain the impact this discrimination has had on you and your family. Your name or contact information will not be released without your permission.

Click Here to tell us how GLBT discrimination has affected you and your family.

Don't have a story? You can still help.
Senator Miller and Reps. Peterson and Steward need to know you back them up in this fight.

Click Here to let us know you stand with the GLBT community and the two-thirds of Ohio Voters who support a ban on GLBT discrimination.

Together, we can make Ohio's laws match Ohioans' value. Please take action today.

(petition executed by ProgressOhio.org)

Please forward to your family friends colleagues & anyone else that you know who would stand in support of those who live in the State of Ohio.

And, I personally thank you from all of us here in this state! -- Miss Vicki


Queers United said...

i posted it on my blog, thank you!

Miss Vicki said...

thank you foreal!

B said...


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